2002 – 2004

Photographic Works


Installation Views


Marie, Erna and the other sisters are all ‘Diakonisser’, which means by the church ordained nurses for the poorly and weakened. They are also individual human beings – and it is these individuals, Pernille Koldbech Fich portrays in her photographs. One soon discovers, though, that the person and the foundation cannot be separated, and the images thematize precisely this union between private life and work, the diakonissemovement entails. This task, which is both medical, social and religious, is far more than merely a job. A diakonisse dedicates her life to the foundation and its tasks.

What is generally understood as a ’normal life’ , i.e. having a family, is rejected for the cause of helping people in need. The Photo-series Sisters is a tribute to those people, who inhabit and vitalise the 100 year old Skt. Lukas Foundation in Copenhagen.